NBO Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and think it is  great concept to incorporate into a general practice setting. I have successfully incorporated elements of the NBO into the vast majority of my 6 week neonatal checks and the mothers have seemed universally enthusiastic about the concepts. In all cases I have felt an enhanced ability to model connection with the newborn, and my sense is that this has been viewed as both a helpful and novel approach."

Felicity Dent



"Thanks for the training. I have done three observations so far and they have been incredibly powerful experiences, particularly for two of the families. And for me - it felt like there was this shared knowledge of the infant in the room with a level of detail I haven't been able to get to with families before." 

Dr Shikkiah de Quadros-Wander


"A baby having a personality and communicating and responding to the world around them was something I had not given much thought to in 30 years of working in the field. I was amazed at the uniqueness of being able to involve parents interactively to help them get to know their babies. Performing these sessions was an amazing experience, observing subtle changes, pointing these out to parents, watching babies and parents respond. I find this is an extremely powerful tool to help parents engage more readily and bond with their babies and each other."

Katherine Hayward