Early Pregnancy Assessment Service

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Service provides non acute care for women who have pain and/or bleeding in the first 13 weeks six days of pregnancy, and those with a known miscarriage.

Some women will require more than one visit before a diagnosis is made. If medical/surgical management is required, it is arranged for a subsequent date.


  • Early pregnancy ultrasound
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Counselling
  • Management-planning

Clinical inclusion

  • Those with pain or bleeding in early pregnancy who are clinically stable up to and including 13+6 weeks only
  • Those with a known miscarriage

Clinical exclusion

  • Women who are clinically unstable and require emergency review
  • Women >13+6


Monday to Friday 9:00am to 15:00pm

Wednesday to Friday 9:00am to 11.30am.


A GP referral is required. Please complete and fax the Fast Fax Referral form including previous ultrasound reports, and relevant pathology results. 

Urgent referral

Please call receiving gynaecology registrar. 


EPAS staff will contact the patient directly.

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