Funeral providers

Transport arrangements

Health Services may use a funeral director of the parent’s choosing to transport the baby, placenta and paperwork to and from the tertiary centre.

Once the request for a transfer of baby to the tertiary hospital has been made, please refer to the following links, which provide detailed information on the correct processes and procedures involved when transporting a baby to and from the tertiary hospital. As they are hospital specific, please choose the appropriate hospital.

Information sheets for Funeral Directors presenting to the Women's, Monash Health and Austin, and the Transport authorisation form  can be downloaded from this page.  

All regional transportation will be reimbursed by the Women’s for registered babies. Funeral directors should send their invoices to:

Director, Allied Health and Clinical Support Services
The Royal Women’s Hospital
Locked Bag 300
Parkville VIC 3052

The baby and placenta will need to be protected at cooler temperatures and transported between Monday to Friday during working hours to the tertiary centre. Please do not freeze or place the placenta in formalin.

On behalf of the parents, the baby will be released back to the funeral director upon completion of testing. Please ensure the transport authorisation form is completed and permission is granted from the parents.

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