The Women’s Staff Awards 2018

Julene Hallo has been awarded the Woodward Family Medal of Excellence for 2018
Julene Hallo has been awarded the Woodward Family Medal of Excellence for 2018
23 August 2018 | Events

Julene Hallo, Clinical Trials Coordinator in the Women’s Oncology and Dysplasia unit has been honoured for her remarkable contribution to her work and to cancer research, receiving the 2018 Woodward Family Medal of Excellence.

Announced at the Women’s annual Staff Awards on 23 August, Julene, who works with cancer patients, was described by her peers as a person who “embodies everything the Women’s is about”.

“Julene has many, many special gifts but I think above all, it’s her absolute love and care for her patients. She has been an absolute icon to her unit and for patients since 1987,” former head of Oncology, Professor Michael Quinn said.

Director of Oncology and Dysplasia Orla McNally said Julene’s dedication to recruiting patients to clinical trials was unlike any other.

“The national average for recruitment to clinical trials is about six percent and at times in gynaecology at the Women’s we’ve been up at 30 per cent and there is one person who is significantly responsible for that high percentage,” Assoc. Prof McNally said.

Julene trained in general nursing and midwifery at the Women’s more than 40 years ago, eventually moving onto outpatients and then onto special clinics where she developed an interest in oncology and oncology research.

 “My job is important because you make a difference to women with ovarian cancer,” Julene said.

“Over the last 25 years, the quality of life for women with ovarian cancer has improved and people are living longer. There are more clinical trials, there are more treatments. We’re not curing it yet, but we’re getting there. The only way we’re ever going to cure any sort of cancer is with research.”

The Woodward Family Medal of Excellence is the highest honour awarded at the annual Women’s Staff Awards.

It recognises the extraordinary achievements over 10 years of an individual, which have contributed significantly to improving the health of women and/or newborns.

The Women’s CEO Dr Sue Matthews congratulated all the 2018 award and years of service recipients.

“This evening we recognise our colleagues who truly demonstrate the Women’s values of courage, passion, discovery and respect. These individuals’ passion and support for the Women’s have helped to make us the organisation we are today – putting women, babies and their families at the heart of everything we do,” Dr Matthews said.

The Women’s Staff Awards winners for 2017 are:

Woodward Family Medal of Excellence

Julene Hallo, Clinical Trials Coordinator, Oncology & Dysplasia Unit

Chair’s Award for Innovation

Bradley O’Connor, Anaesthetist

Chief Executive’s Award for Exceptional Leadership

Anna Bourke, Blue Team Midwifery Team Leader

Lesley Stafford, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Liliana Ferrara Award for Diversity

Marie Jones, Women’s Emergency Care Associate Nurse Unit Manager

Star Performer Awards

Kerri Felemonow, Social Worker, the Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service

Sophie Cameron, Midwifery Birth Centre Educator 

Julie Canals, Consumer Health Information Coordinator

Musa Habana, Early Childhood Teacher in the Women’s Child Care Centre

Lauren Chiu, Financial Accountant

Marisa Bonnici, Registered Nurse

Ward 5 North, Gynaecology Oncology and Dysplasia Unit

Hawthorn Auxiliary, volunteer organisation that has raised funds for the Women’s for 90 years