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A series of three workshops being held in Childbirth Education/Physiotherapy classrooms on a Thursday from 10am to 1pm.

A Mandarin interpreter co-facilitates the workshops with a midwife childbirth educator.

Topics include:

  • Signs of labour
  • When to come to hospital
  • Progress of labour and birth
  • Practical coping methods during labour
  • Options for pain management
  • Unexpected outcomes, such as emergency caesarean 
  • Importance of early skin to skin contact with your baby and the first breastfeed


  • Breastfeeding benefits for mothers and babies
  • The importance of the first breastfeed and skin to skin contact
  • Normal newborn feeding behaviour in the first 48 hours and beyond
  • Safe sleeping and settling
  • Transition to parenting and relationship changes
  • Relationship with your baby
  • Community supports

A hospital tour is included.

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