Ethics updates in relation to the EMR (EPIC)

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REDCap survey to inform the project build in Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

From January 2020, projects involving The Royal Women's Hospital as a site must complete the REDCap survey for the project study build in EMR.

As part of your ethics submission you must include a copy of the email you received from the EMR Epic Research Team as confirmation that the REDCap survey has been completed for your project.

Project numbers to use on the survey 

Use the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Number/Study Code (i.e. RWH12345), to identify the project in the survey.

The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) number is derived from Ethics Review Manager (ERM) code given during the creation of the project application, i.e. HREC/12345/RWH-2021 in ERM becomes EMR site study code RWH12345.

When completing a HREA form a number will be automatically generated at the bottom of the form.

Why do you need to do this?

Completion of the survey is required for every project being conducted at the Women's, regardless of whether or not your project will involve accessing and/or writing in the EMR.

If you do not need to access the EMR, or a SmartSet to be built within the EMR, for your project, the email you receive from the Epic Research team will serve as confirmation of this.

If your project requires a SmartSet to be built within the EMR, this early action will ensure that you can use the EMR as soon as possible once ethics and/or governance approval has been granted.

NOTE: The SmartSet build may take up to 4 weeks from completion of your REDCap survey so it is essential you complete the survey as early as possible.

The Women's Privacy Brochure

Following the implementation of the EMR, a copy of the Women's Privacy Brochure is to be provided to all research participants when consented.

The new Privacy Brochure is available in hard copy at the Welcome Centre. An overview of the privacy information is also available on the Women’s website, where a PDF of the Privacy Brochure can also be downloaded.