Research Committee

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The Research Committee functions as an advisory committee to the Human and Animal Ethics Committees.

All research projects involving humans and the use of animals must receive approval by the Research Committee before they are progressed to the Human and/or Animal Ethics Committee(s) for their consideration and approval.

The Human and Animal Ethics Committees are constituted and operate in accordance with the relevant Statement, Guidelines and Code of Practice of the National Health and Medical Research Council, and the relevant Federal and State Laws and Regulations.

All applications to the Research Committee, Human Research Ethics Committee and Animal Ethics Committee are to be submitted using the prescribed forms.

Before submission to the Research Committee, all projects must have a Pre-Submission Peer Review.

Pre-Submission Peer Review can be undertaken by either the relevant Departmental Research Advisory Group (DRAG) or a member of the Scientific Review Panel.

It is the responsibility of the researchers to submit their project to either the DRAG or a member of the Scientific Review Panel (who should not be a named investigator on the project) for review. Adequate time should be allowed for peer review in this process and the project to be submitted well before the normal Application Closing Date to the Research Committee.

Refer to the relevant ethics committee page to access the appropriate application forms. For further advice, please contact the Research & Ethics Secretariat.

Research Governance/Site Specific Assessment (SSA) Application

Please see the downloadable application form below.