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2 November to 17 November 2020


See 2020 Student Symposium on the Staff Intranet or MS Teams (RWH L7)


Posters will be available for viewing via the link above in the 2 weeks prior to the Student Symposium

This year we have a People's Choice Award, for which everyone is welcome to vote. Vote for your favourite poster via the link above.

Monday 16 November 2020

4.00- 5.00 pm    Webex link TBA
Research Report 2019 Launch

Chair: Prof Peter Rogers

Poster Viewing
Student Symposium: Session 1
Poster 1

Anna Kidman (PhD, Newborn)

Non-invasive respiratory support to prevent extubation failure in extremely preterm and extremely low birth weight infants: A systematic review

Poster 2

Catherine Allingham (MPhil, Gyaecology)

Defining the future of paediatric fertility care - the establishment of The Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Oncofertility Coalition
Poster 3

Georgia Santormartino (Honours, Gynaecology)

Risk of Respiratory Support after Deferred Cord Clamping in Infants ≥ 32 Weeks Gestation
Poster 4

Niamh Waters (Honours, Gynaecology)

EndoNeeds: Exploring the physical, psychological and social needs of long-term endometriosis patients
Poster 5

Stefanie Zugna (PhD, Midwifery)

Exploring clinicians' attitudes towards patient safety in public maternity services in rural and regional Victoria
Poster 7

Oral presentation withdrawn

Louis Taffs (Honours, Gynaecology)

Identifying and exploring the unmet needs of young adults with endometriosis
Poster 8

Sadaf Zafir (Honours, Gynaecology)

Role of MAML1 in endometrial receptivity and implantation
Poster 9

Elizabeth Baker (PhD, Newborn)

Renewal; Reducing Neonatal Lung Disease with Amnion Cells
Poster 11

Eliza Colgrave (PhD, Gynaecology)

Superficial Peritoneal Endometriotic Lesions Rarely Demonstrate Menstrual Cycle Synchronicity with Matched Eutopic Endometrium

Tuesday 17 November 2020

4.00- 5.00 pm    Webex link TBA
Student Symposium: Session 2

Chairs: TBC

Poster 6

Shiraz Badurdeen (PhD, Newborn)

Lung ultrasound immediately after birth predicts the need for surfactant therapy, the DOLFIN Jr Study

Poster 10

Reem Albesher (PhD, Newborn)

Gait of Preschool-Aged Children Born Very Preterm Compared with Term Born Children: A Prospective Cohort Study

Poster 12

Wallace Jin (MDRP, Pregnancy)

Preterm birth: progress & promise

Poster 13

Sarah Whitby (MDRP, Gynaecology)

Alterations in Cell Polarity and Human Endometrial Function: A Systematic Review

Poster 14

Charlie Smithson (PhD, Midwifery)

Perinatal outcomes of a group of women with a disability who received pregnancy care through a specialised clinic – the Women with Individual Needs (WIN) clinic – at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia

Poster 15

Kate Hodgson (PhD, Newborn)

Nasal high flow for primary respiratory support in preterm infants: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Poster 16

Rebecca Li (MDRP, Gynaecology)

Endometriosis Recurrence as a Novel Measure of Disease Severity

Poster 17

Sara Unal (MDRP, Anaesthetics)

Perioperative complications in women with preeclampsia undergoing caesarean section surgery

Poster 18

Nicola Tomkins (MDRP, Gynaecology)

Small molecule metabolite biomarkers of endometriosis: a narrative review with systematic approach

Poster 19

Simonne Collins (PhD, Newborn)

Development of brain white matter and maths ability in children born very preterm and full term

Wednesday 18 November 2020


Chair: Prof Peter Rogers


Award Presentations

Best undergraduate student poster and oral presentation ($500)

Best postgraduate student poster and oral presentation ($500)

Best designed poster ($300)

People’s choice (includes posters not selected for oral presentation) ($300)

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