Childbirth education - Sandringham

Expectant parents can choose from a range of classes at Sandringham. All classes are designed to provide participants with knowledge and strategies as they navigate late pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood.

Classes offered at Sandringham

Women booked at Sandringham can also attend non-English speaking programs in Mandarin and Vietnamese (select the link for more details). These workshops are held at the Women's Parkville campus.

Please select the links below for more details our our Sandringham classes:

First time parents are encouraged to book into either the Childbirth and Parenting classes or the HypnoBirthing® classes. Both classes cover:

  • The process of labour and what to expect
  • When to come to hospital
  • Coping strategies when things don’t go to plan
  • How to care for your baby in the first few weeks of life.

We recommended that you consider the Breastfeeding class as an additional workshop. This class is also suitable for parents in families with large age gaps between children, or those wishing to refresh their understanding of breastfeeding.

All of the sessions involve active participation, so it’s a good idea to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Tea and coffee is provided for all sessions, however if you are booking into the whole day childbirth education sessions, please bring lunch and plenty of snacks and drinks with you. Options for purchasing lunch on the day are limited.

How to book

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