Your public fertility journey

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What you can expect after your referral

Your referral will be triaged by clinical staff at the Women’s. You will receive a letter from us outlining if your referral has been accepted.

If you have been accepted, you will be sent an appointment date and time. This appointment will be with a member of our medical specialist team, which includes consultants and specialist fellows in reproductive medicine.

We will schedule your first appointment as soon as possible. Once you are enrolled with the service, you will be starting your fertility treatment journey.

Your first appointment

At your first appointment with us, you will be asked questions about your fertility history. Further tests may be ordered to assess your fertility.

A health assessment will also be performed, to ensure you are in the best possible condition to safely have a baby.

If you are coming to our service with a partner, they may also be asked about their fertility history. Further tests may be ordered to assess their fertility. j

After this first appointment, our staff will liaise with you to book further appointments.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

A letter from the health service confirming your appointment

Your Medicare card, Health Care Card and/or Pension Card*

Details of any current medications*

Photo identification (Australian Driver Licence or Passport)*

Supporting documentation if you are an asylum seeker*.

*If you are using our service with a partner, your partner should also bring these documents to your first appointment.

After your first appointment

Your public fertility service will work with you to decide which treatment is appropriate.

Treatments may include:

assisting your ovulation, with a focus on timings, known as ovulation induction

a lifestyle assessment and weight management strategy to reduce the impact of excess weight on fertility

artificial insemination or IVF. If artificial insemination or IVF is recommended, a counselling session will be organised for you before this treatment begins.