Second Australian Fetal Cardiology Conference

Fetal Cardiology Conference

The conference was held on Thursday 28, Friday 29 & Saturday 30 March 2019
Bio21, Flemington Road, Parkville

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The 2nd Australian Fetal Cardiology Conference was held over 2 1/2 days in March 2019.

The next two days brought together both national and international speakers including fetal cardiologists, ultrasonologists and sonographers, to present on core concepts in Fetal Cardiology as well as new concepts and recent advances.

Presentations combined review of key concepts, illustration of pathology via extensive imaging review as well as discussion regarding postnatal treatment options and outcomes.

Keynote speaker

Professor Julene Carvalho is the Head of Fetal Cardiology at The Brompton Centre for Fetal Cardiology with her unit based at The Royal Brompton NHS Foundation Trust, London (UK). She also works at the Fetal Medicine Unit, St George’s Hospital and is Professor of Fetal Cardiology at St. George’s University of London.

Professor Carvalho is a world leading sub specialist Fetal and Paediatric Cardiologist. She has published extensively in the area of the diagnosis and treatment of fetal cardiac disorders. She has a special interest in the early diagnosis of fetal cardiac anomalies, from as early at 12–13 weeks gestation. Professor Carvalho is involved closely in the education and training of high-risk obstetricians and sonologists, obstetric sonographers and paediatric cardiology trainees with an aim to improve recognition and advancing treatment of fetal cardiac anomalies.

We were excited to have Professor Carvalho join us as keynote speaker in 2019.


Topics included:

  • Complete assessment of the normal fetal heart
  • Assessment of fetal structural heart disease
  • Functional assessment of the fetal heart
  • Genetics of fetal heart disease
  • Update on fetal cardiac interventions
  • Assessment and management of fetal cardiac arrhythmias
  • Perinatal management of the fetus with cardiac disease
  • Postnatal management and outcomes of fetal cardiac diseases
  • Role of non-invasive prenatal testing in fetal cardiac disease
  • Fetal cardiology for the sonographer
  • Future directions for fetal cardiology
  • Q & A sessions for the expert panel
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