Second Australian Fetal Cardiology Conference - Program

2nd Australian Fetal Cardiology Conference
Thursday 28, Friday 29 & Saturday 30 March 2019
Bio21, Flemington Road, Parkville


Day 1 – Thursday 28 March, 2019

Time Title  
1.30–2.00pm Registration  
Session 1  
2 00–2.20pm Introduction to the Australian Fetal Cardiology 2019  
2.20–3.00pm Antenatal Detection Rates: Update for 2019 and How can we do better?  
3.00–3.45pm Chromosomal abnormalities and Fetal CHD: FTCS, NIPT, Whole exome sequencing and beyond  

Keynote Lecture: Prof Julene Carvalho


AFCC Cocktail Party


Day 2 – Friday 29 March, 2019

Time Title  
7.30–8.15am Registration  
Session 1  
8.15–8.30am Introduction and Housekeeping   

First Trimester Fetal Echocardiography: Indications, techniques and pitfalls


Sonographers Approach to the Screening Fetal Echocardiogram: Technique and Challenges


The Complete Fetal Echocardiogram: Expectations in 2019


3D Fetal Echocardiography: Pretty or Useful?

10.30–10.50am BREAK  
Session 2  

Left sided lesions 1: Aortic Stenosis & Coarctation of the Aorta


11.20–12pm Left sided lesions 2: HLHS – Fetal diagnosis and long term outcomes  
12– 12.30pm Aortic Arch Anomalies: Interrupted aortic arch, Right aortic arch, Double arch, Aberrant subclavian arteries  
12.30–1.15pm LUNCH  
Session 3  

Right sided lesions 1: Tetralogy of Fallot, DORV, Pulmonary stenosis and atresia


Right sided lesions 2: Tricuspid Valve anomalies

2.15–2.45pm Venous Drainage: Abnormalities of systemic and pulmonary venous drainage (TAPVD, PAPVD, LSVC, Interrupted IVC)  
2.45–3.00pm BREAK  
Session 4  

Fetal Arrhythmias: Bradycardias & Treatment options


Fetal Arrhythmias: Tachycardias & Treatment options, FAST Trial

4.00–4.30pm Abnormal Fetal Circulation: Abnormalities of the Ductus Venosus and Ductus Arteriosis; Ectopic Cordis  
4.30–5.00pm Interesting Cases One  

Day 3 – Saturday 30 March, 2019

Time Title  
Session 1  
8.15–8.30am Introduction and Housekeeping   
8.30–9.00am Septal Defects: ASD, VSD, and AVSD  
9.00–9.30am Conotruncal Abnormalities: Truncus Arteriosis & dTGA  
9.30–10.00am Heterotaxy: Spectrum of disease and Outcomes  
10.00–10.30am Fetal Intervention: Fetal catheter based intervention  
10.30–10.50am BREAK  
Session 2  
10.50–11.30am Fontan Outcomes and the Single Ventricle Registry  
11.30–11.50am In Room Sonographer Feedback to Families: When the 20 weeks US goes wrong  
11.50–12.20pm Psychological Care in Fetal Cardiology: It’s not all about just the fetus  
12.20–1.00pm Interesting cases two  
1.00–1.45pm LUNCH  
Session 3  
1.45–2.15pm Fetal Cardiac Tumours: Spectrum of disease and Outcomes  
2.15–2.45pm Fetal Heart Function: Functional heart assessment and Cardiomyopathies  
2.45–3.15pm Other Single Ventricles: DILV, TV atresia, Double Outlet  
3.15–3.30pm BREAK  
Session 4  
3.30–4.00pm Twins: Double Trouble? TTTS and Cardiac anomalies  
4.00–4.30pm Perinatal Outcomes of Variations of Normal Cardiac Anatomy  
4.30–5.20pm 2019 Fetal Cardiology THE QUIZ  
5.20–5.30pm Closing remarks