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The Women’s values its relationship with General Practitioners and other health professionals who partner with us to provide high quality healthcare.

While we have put in place a number of changes during the current COVID-19 restrictions, the Women’s encourages GPs and other health professionals to continue to refer eligible patients to the Women’s for maternity, women’s health and gynaecology, and other healthcare.

Changes to our services under current COVID-19 conditions

The Women’s has transitioned some services and clinics to telehealth (phone and video appointments).

Services currently offering telehealth, when clinically appropriate, include some maternity, women’s health and gynaecology, and allied health appointments; pre-admission appointments and home domiciliary services.

The Women’s continues to see patients in person when clinically indicated. Patients are requested to attend their in-person appointments alone.

For general information on referrals, please see the Referrals page.

Women’s Health and Gynaecology referrals

The Women’s is continuing to receive and triage patient referrals for both Parkville and Sandringham during the current COVID-19 restrictions and we encourage GPs and other health professionals to refer patients to us as per usual.

We are prioritising appointments so that patients who require urgent review are seen as soon as possible. Patients who meet the non-urgent criteria are being placed on a waitlist at this time.

Changes have also been made to our acceptance criteria for colposcopy following cervical screening – read details here.

For more information, see the Women's Health and Gynaecology referrals page.

Women’s Health elective surgery

All elective surgery has been reduced to urgent procedures only for public and private hospitals in metropolitan Melbourne and major regional cities across Victoria. This government directive has been issued to help hospitals respond to the increasing number of patients with COVID.

We are contacting all patients on our waiting list to discuss the plan for their surgery, and we are asking them to let their GP or other health professional know if they experience changes to their condition.

If there is a clinical deterioration, all referring health professionals are asked to fax a referral to the usual fast fax referral Fax: 8345 3036, indicating the woman is awaiting surgery and explaining how her clinical condition has deteriorated, with relevant investigations if appropriate. A clinician will review her situation and notify you and the woman of the outcome.

Maternity referrals

The Women’s is continuing to receive and triage maternity referrals and we encourage GPs and other health professionals to refer eligible patients to us as per usual.

For low-risk women, we recommend they participate in the Shared Maternity Care program during which some check-ups and appointment can be conducted by the Shared Maternity Care provider over the phone or videoconference call. The Women’s will continue to support our Shared Maternity Care GPs, obstetricians and midwives throughout the provision of care. 

For more information, see the Maternity referrals page and the Shared Maternity Care page.

Keeping up-to-date

For information about visitor restrictions as well as advice for patients, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, visit the COVID-19 Information Hub

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