Pastoral Care & Spirituality Services

The Women’s aims to ensure that the psychosocial and spiritual values of patients, families and staff are treated with dignity and that where possible, the pastoral and spiritual needs of these individuals are met while they are a patient, or working in the hospital. The Women's upholds the World Health Organisation’s statement of respect for ‘the uniqueness of each person and the need to respond to each individual’s spiritual quest for meaning, purpose and belonging’ (1998).

For most people, their spirituality will include significant relationships and this may find expression in their involvement in community, religion, the natural environment, or art and music for example. A hospital admission, witnessing a death or experiencing bereavement may also be the first occasion people seriously consider spiritual life, beliefs, faith or absence thereof.


A patient, family member, visitors or staff members may wish to see a pastoral care worker if they:

  • are feeling lonely, upset, overwhelmed or fearful
  • are celebrating a defining stage
  • are grieving or experiencing a crisis
  • are struggling with future decisions
  • are having difficulty with your illness
  • wish to explore questions of faith
  • simply want a friendly, listening ear.


PCSS is committed to providing an inclusive service that meets the spiritual needs of the hospital community including:

  • Pastoral counselling
  • Rites of passage and other rituals e.g., blessing or naming ceremonies
  • Bereavement support and counselling
  • Hospital-arranged funerals for unregistered babies
  • Opportunity for prayer, reflection and meditation
  • Contact with representatives of particular faith traditions
  • Religious leaders (priests, ministers, rabbis etc.) can visit on the ward upon the patients’ request


This Service is available to any patients, family members, visitors or staff members at the Women’s.  It is open to all clients of faith and non-faith belief and respectful of differences in gender, race and religion operating from a non-judgmental person-centred approach. Contact can be maintained after the patient or family leaves the hospital if necessary.

Call the Pastoral Care & Spirituality Services Direct Line, or page (Intake pager: 53016) the PCSS Duty Worker who will respond to all referrals as soon as possible. Referrals can be made by internal staff or external health professionals.

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm


No appointment is necessary. Women can be referred directly to the PCSS worker within their multidisciplinary team.