Maternity referrals

Women with a low-risk pregnancy should be referred to the Women's if it is the closest maternity hospital to their home address. Women with complex care needs should be referred to the Women's if it is the closest tertiary hospital to their home address.

Links to information about patient care before the first maternity appointment and Fast Fax Templates can be found at the end of this page.

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Address referrals to consultant listed:

Some of our maternity clinics operate as mixed MBS and non-MBS-billed outpatient clinics. Because of this, we request that all referrals are addressed to a named medical practitioner. This enables us to provide patients with a choice of being treated as either a private or public patient.

Please address all referrals to Dr Len Matthews

Your referral must contain:

The information listed below is required for us to appropriately triage your referral, to allocate women to a clinic and to contact them about their appointment.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone (preferably mobile)
  • Medicare number (Health insurance details if no Medicare number provided)
  • GP details – practice address and provider number
  • Country of Birth
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status
  • Interpreter and language required
  • Special needs (e.g. mobility)

Mandatory clinical content

Please note: We will not schedule an appointment for your patient without this mandatory clinical information:

  • EDC
  • BMI
  • Mandatory investigation results:
    • Blood group and antibodies
    • Full blood examination
    • Ferritin 
    • Hepatitis B serology
    • Hepatitis C serology
    • Syphilis serology
    • Rubella antibodies
    • HIV antibodies
    • MSU M&C or urinalysis
  • Relevant history, symptoms, signs, management, medications and any reasons that identify your patient as high risk or in need of early hospital assessment.

Please note

  • Copies of all results should be provided to the patient before their first appointment.
  • Please advise patients to bring the results to their first appointment at the Women’s to facilitate complete clinical assessment.
  • When requesting any additional tests relevant to the pregnancy please provide a copy to the patient for review and discussion at the next hospital visit (e.g. morphology ultrasound).
  • Down Syndrome; see links to tests below

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