Clinical trials

As Australia’s first and largest specialist hospital for women and newborns, the Women’s is ideally placed to lead national and international clinical trials.


It is through our program of clinical trials that the Women’s is constantly improving health outcomes for women and babies.

The fact the Women’s is a large specialist public hospital is an enviable strength of our innovative research program, ideally positioning us to recruit participants to our clinical trials.

We annually conduct in excess of 60 clinical trials involving more than 3000 participants and produce almost 300 publications.

Our clinical trials are conducted across our key research areas of newborn health, infectious diseases, gynaecology, women’s cancer, pregnancy, mental health, midwifery, allied health, anaesthetics and family violence prevention.

Clinical trials at the Women’s include the testing of new cancer treatments, vaccines, surgical and other medical treatments, medical devices and behavioural therapies.

We are always extremely grateful to the women, babies and families who participate in our clinical trials. It is they who make this important research possible and make such an invaluable contribution to improved healthcare for so many others, now and in years to come.