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Overview - Centre for Family Violence Prevention

Commencing in September 2016, the Centre for Family Violence Prevention focuses on improving the safety, health and wellbeing of women and their families. 

We know many women attending hospital experience abuse and violence and feel afraid of their partners or family. To make women and their children feel safer, we are assisting health services to step up to the challenge of preventing harm associated with family violence. We do this by enhancing identification and first-line response in the health sector for family violence. .  

The Family Violence Prevention Centre:

  • work with women with lived experience and practitioners to test health interventions (including use of technologies) for identification, early intervention and responses for women of all ages and backgrounds
  • support staff in their clinical work with patients through promoting a workplace support program
  • develop and evaluate an effective, evidence-based systems model of care for family violence
  • build research capacity in the area of family violence across the hospital by offering funding to clinicians who want to enhance their research skills
  • work collaboratively with survivors, practitioners, other Centres in the hospital, community groups, state and national governments to provide evidence to inform policy and practice (see link to Safer Families CRE).

The Centre is a hub for development of identification tools and therapeutic responses to assist women when family violence is occurring. Innovative responses using new technologies for women, children and fathers to promote access to help are being developed.

Evaluation of educational and health system interventions in the complex hospital setting and workplace interventions support hospital staff to undertake this challenging work.  

Overall, we aim to improve pathways to safety and wellbeing for those affected by family violence by providing evidence for new models of care for women and families within a whole-of-health system response.

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