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Your donations help the hospital to drive innovation and research across all areas of the hospital and to develop new treatments and care for this generation and the next.

The government funds the hospital's operations and the standard treatment we provide, but donations make research and innovation possible. 

Read about what your donations achieved in 2017-2018.

Researcher at the Women's


The Women's research, knowledge translation and innovation is world class and helps to deliver better outcomes for women and newborns.

The Women's is located in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct and boasts ten specialist research centres - Women’s Mental Health, Women’s Infectious Diseases, Pregnancy, Newborns, Midwifery and Maternity Services, Gynaecology, Women’s Cancer, Anaesthetics, Allied Health, Family Violence Prevention.

Each research centre is led by researchers who are world leaders in their field. They are committed to the translation of research findings into improved clinical practice and, in some cases, research can be translated into new approaches and practices at the bedside within a short period of time. 

As the largest specialist public hospital for women in Australia, the Women’s is ideally placed to lead national and international clinical trials. The Women's annually conducts in excess of 60 clinical trials involving more than 3,000 patients and produces well over 200 publications.

Baby in Biliblanket

Capital & Equipment

In caring for women and newborns with varying needs, it is vital for the Women’s to be able to provide cutting-edge technology and equipment in order to continue to provide exceptional care.

Donations to the Women’s Foundation have helped to purchase important equipment like vital signs monitors for premature babies in our Special Care Nurseries, nipple tattooing equipment for our breast cancer survivors, and electric recliners for our patients coming out of day surgery.

Pregnant women doing yoga

Projects & Programs

The Women’s makes every effort to put innovative programs in place that provide the best experience for our patients and visitors.

Through the generous support of our donors, the Foundation has facilitated innovative programs in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to support dads, training and workforce programs for maternity services clinicians, the development of a pelvic pain app, and necessary translation services for the hospital’s African Women’s Clinic.

Foundation award recepients


Each year a number of generous donor-funded awards are handed out by the Women's Foundation to support career development opportunities for our exceptional staff members. In 2018, the Women’s Foundation distributed close to $70,000 in scholarships and grants to nine staff members with thanks to five supportive donor families and organisations.

The Women’s Foundation is extremely grateful to be able to play a role in developing and supporting the Women's staff and in turn, improve the health of the women and newborns in their care. The awards reinforce the partnership between those who so generously support us and the teams at the Women’s who are on the frontline of providing exceptional care.

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