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The Women’s Foundation would like to thank the following donors for their important contributions to our work over the past two years.  Advances in women and newborn health would not be possible without these generous individuals and organisations.  We are truly thankful for your support.



Percy Baxter Charitable Trust
Estate of John Henry Killian Brunner
Liptember Foundation
The Pratt Foundation
Hope & Tony Saba Family Foundation
John McBain AO
Dr Penelope Foster
Ms Betty Amsden AO
In memory of Pat Baer OBE
Treasure Chest Charity
Estate of Nanette Robinson
Oscar and Luca Fund
Estate of Margaret J Bumpstead
Lilyroo Fund
Estate of Joyce Heymanson
Estate of Margaret Elinor Henderson
The Dyson Bequest
Hawthorn Auxiliary



Giving Gold for Lou
Harold and Cora Brennan Benevolent Trust
Bernard Shafer in memory of Samuel Joseph Shafer and Anna Boeske Shafer
Joe White Bequest
The Mann Family
Women’s Golf Victoria
GFP Studios
Estate of Ronald Bruce Fletcher 



Gandel Philanthropy
Brigid and Hugh Robertson
Werled Foundation
Estate of Heather Sybil Smith
Jagen Pty Ltd
Debbie Daddon
LJCB Investment Group
Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund
Sophie Rose Foundation
In memory of Rachel Freda Pianko
Estate of Grace Catherine Gale
Estate of Neil Bennett
William and Mary Ievers Fund
Estate of J H Walker



Nordia Foundation
Modara Pines Foundation
Rosie Lew
Bauer Media Ltd
CBD Development Group
Estate of Emily Vera Winder  
Calvert Jones Foundation
Harry Yoffa Charitable Bequest
JH Walker Estate
EC Blackwood Charitable Trust
Estate of Heather Sybil Smith
Victoria Kerrisk
Grenda Foundation
Felicity Hampel SC
Bambu Maternity
Estate of Andrew Edwin Grant
Australian Charities Foundation
J & M Crutch Bequest
Sass Clothing Pty Ltd
Kadir Ors Foundation
Estate of Inez Drury



John William & Anne Maria Ford Memorial Fund
Rotary Club of Balwyn
Elaine Canty AM
Lyn Swinburne AM
Wayne J Elvey
Stuart Nicolson
Terri Lawson
Michael Gronow
Greg Shalit
June F Smith
Estate of Irma Ethel Griffiths
Mary Eats Cake
Rod Brown
Fai Ho Ken Lee
Tony Sewell
Betty Laidlaw
Paul Staindl
The Doris & Rupert Joseph Charitable Trust
Dulux Australia
Rachel M Hornung
Lee Ward
Hugh Robinson
Martin Spedding
Yarara Farm
First State Super
Ernest & Letitia Wears Memorial Estate
Estate of Mary Ann Edwards
Leigh Farrell
Peter Kuo
Tham Huynh
Emma Miller
Priyatharsheni Ajanthan
Philip Robinson
Cassy Liberman
The Westin Melbourne
Jules McLean
Felicity Pantelidis
The Hotel Windsor
The George Lawrence Godfree Estate
Uri Dior
The Gasometer Hotel
St Michael's Grammar School
Kurstin Browne
The Helen Fookes Estate

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