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While COVID restrictions ease in the community, the hospital and health system is operating at COVID Peak status to care for an increasing number of COVID positive patients.

To prevent the risk of transmission in our hospitals, and to protect our staff, patients and families, visitor restrictions remain in place. Please consider alternatives to visiting, such as phone calls and video chat. We know this will be disappointing for some people and we appreciate your ongoing understanding and support.

Permitted visitors

The following visitors are permitted at the Women's in Parkville, including the private consulting suites on Level 2, and the Women's in Sandringham:

  • Level 4 Newborn Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery – Two (2) parents or guardians, or designated support person, per family are welcome to visit together at any time. No other visitors, and no children, are allowed except in exceptional circumstances. Families, please contact the nurse manager before visiting if exceptional circumstances apply. 
  • Level 3 Birth Centre – One (1) support person may be with a woman in a Birth Suite during labour and birth with no time limit (this includes the woman’s partner).
  • Level 4 South and 4 East Maternity wards – One (1) person may visit a woman each day. This includes the woman’s partner or designated support person, who can visit outside of visiting hours. Visiting hours are 2pm-8pm in Parkville and 2pm-7pm in Sandringham.
  • Level 5 North including Complex Care and the Antenatal Ward – One (1) person may visit a patient each day during visiting hours if the visit is required to support the patient’s physical or emotional wellbeing and this cannot be provided by other means, such as video or telephone calls. Visiting hours are 2pm-8pm in Parkville and 2pm-7pm in Sandringham.
  • Level 5 South – Restricted access, no visitors.
  • Level 1 Outpatient clinics and imaging/diagnostic appointments – Patients must attend alone. Partner/support person can be on speaker phone or video call during appointment.
  • Level 3 Day Surgery – Patients should attend alone. If assistance is required, one (1) partner/ support person can drop a patient to Day Surgery. Our staff will contact the partner/support person when the patient is ready to be collected from the hospital.
  • Lower Ground Women’s Emergency Care (WEC) – Patients must attend alone.
  • Level 2 Private Consulting Suites – Patients must attend alone. Partner/support person can be on speaker phone or video call during appointment. In exceptional circumstances, please discuss your situation with your  doctor’s rooms.
  • Level 6 Frances Perry House please view their visitor policy here.
  • Children – Unless exceptional circumstances apply, please do not bring children to the hospital at this time.
  • Babies 12 months or younger may accompany their mother in our hospital buildings. 
  • Food, flower and other delivery people and non-essential contractors/suppliers are not permitted at this time.

In exceptional circumstances, such as end-of-life care, consideration to these visitor restrictions will be given. Please call the hospital at least two days before your visit, appointment or admission to discuss such a request.

Conditions for permitted visitors

If you have been given permission to visit due to exceptional circumstances:

  • Do not visit if you are unwell
  • Do not visit if you are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test
  • Do not visit if you are meant to be isolating or in quarantine
  • Make sure you comply with screening measures at the hospital
  • Wear a hospital-supplied surgical face mask
  • Keep 1.5m distance from others
  • Wash or sanitise your hands after using lifts, holding railings and every time you enter and exit the patient’s room 
  • Follow all directives from staff.
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