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Protecting vulnerable populations is critical as restrictions begin to ease in Melbourne and across Victoria.

You can attend a hospital or medical facility for the purposes of getting a COVID-19 test, COVID-19 vaccination or seeking medical care.

Visitors are only allowed at hospitals for limited reasons. These are:

  • If you are the parent, guardian or carer of a child who is a patient in hospital  
  • If you are providing support that is necessary for the patient’s emotional or physical wellbeing (including mental health support and support for people living with dementia) 
  • If you are a nominated person under the Mental Health Act, then you can visit the patient 
  • If you are providing interpreter or informal language support to enable the delivery of care by the care team, then you can visit the patient
  • If you are learning to support the patient’s care upon discharge
  • If you are the carer of a patient with a disability
  • A patient whose medical condition is life threatening can have visitors
  • A patient who is dying and/or receiving end-of-life care can have visitors
  • A patient attending an emergency department or outpatient clinic can have someone accompany them if it is necessary for them to do so
  • A pregnant woman or patient in a maternity ward can have their partner or support person visit or attend hospital with them. 

Read about the Women’s visitor restrictions here.

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