Screening measures

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There are screening measures in place for everyone entering our hospitals in Parkville and Sandringham.

Read our visitor restrictions to see who is allowed into the hospital at this time.

Online registration

In Parkville and Sandringham, you will be asked to complete a Victorian Department of Health online registration form. You can access this form by:

  • entering the URL for Parkville or for Sandringham into your phone's web browser (you can do this when you arrive at the hospital, or complete at home the same day you’re due to attend)
  • using your mobile phone camera to scan the QR code displayed on posters at entrances
  • using an iPad at the screening desks (if you don’t have a phone to use).

The online registration form will capture contact details and where in the hospital you are going. It will also ask a series of questions about COVID (e.g. symptoms, close contacts, travel zones and exposure sites). It is important to answer truthfully.

At the end of the online registration form, you will see a message with the current date. You’ll need to show this message to one of our Screeners. If you pass screening, you’ll be provided with a coloured sticker to display on your clothing, and a single-use surgical mask to wear.

Entry to the Women’s in Parkville between 7am and 8pm is via the Ground floor main entrance. From 8pm to 7am entry is via Women's Emergency Care. People arriving through the car park will be screened on the Lower Ground floor.

Entry to the Women’s in Sandringham between 8am and 8pm is via the main entrance. From 8pm to 8am entry is the via emergency.

Asymptomatic testing 

If you are coming to the Women’s for day surgery, you will be required to have a COVID test three days before your scheduled surgery. A member of our team will contact you with more information about this.

Asymptomatic testing is also required for pregnant women being admitted to our Birth Centre. This is a quick process carried out on arrival at the hospital.  

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